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Our community of service partners, GSIs and resellers will get you up and running in no time.

Service Partners and GSI

Service Partners and GSI

Access a full suite of services including use case development, deployment, training, change management and communications planning through our partners.

And they'll help you integrate Workplace with the other systems you already use, so the introduction of Workplace is as seamless as possible.

Channel Partners

Channel Partners

Channel partners are authorized to resell Workplace and can provide support throughout your journey towards becoming a connected company.

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Technology Partners

Technology Partners

Workplace connects with popular best of breed enterprise tools so your team can get work done faster. Our growing collection of pre-built integrations help you share, stay current and simplify process.

Alest helps Arezzo connect 700+ stores and 2500+ direct employees with Workplace

“Our company promotes equal rights on a unique level. We want democratization of information, we want transparency and Workplace is the best tool to achieve that.”
- Alexandre Birman, CEO, Arezzo & Co

Makro reinvents communication by partnering with NextNovate

“Workplace is a fantastic tool. I wish our organization knew that it existed sooner. It’s certainly the easiest way to reach all our employees in one central platform.”
- Paulo Peereboom, CEO, Makro

GoPomelo guides Dhipaya insurance to achieve >90% Workplace adoption

“Workplace creates a great communication channel for all and enables creative and innovative ideas among our staff. It harmonizes the entire organization.”
- Khun Arkhom Maidudchan, HR Director, Dhipaya insurance

Oxfam integrates Workplace with Box and Okta to build its ‘Best of Breed’ stack

“Workplace has been pretty epic. It’s so agnostic to where you are in the world or which IT system you come from. You come in with the same voice. And that’s very empowering for staff, to be in these spaces together as equals.”
- Diane Langley, Digital Workplace Manager, Oxfam

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