Live Town Hall Playbook

Everything you need to know to run a successful Town Hall in Workplace.

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Remote Working Guide for ManagersRemote Working Guide for Managers

As companies around the world embrace remote working, finding ways to bring people together has become more important than ever. While communication and collaboration tools give you the technology to maintain relationships and distribute information, maintaining company culture and trust in leadership requires authentic and personal interactions that are difficult to have at scale.

That’s where Live video comes in. Live video viewers feel more connection, intimacy and excitement compared to those watching video on demand. That’s why we’ve made running a virtual Town Hall with Live easy, interactive and engaging.

Going Live for a Town Hall is an effective way to connect your executive team to your entire workforce, whether they work on the frontlines or in the home office. These events require careful planning, preparation and follow up, so we’ve put together this playbook to help.

The Live Town Hall Playbook contains:

  • Preparation and planning
  • Event promotion (including customizable assets)
  • Moderator tips
  • Best practices for executives
  • Technical set up
  • Follow up

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