Connect your remote and hybrid teams

With Workplace, out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind. From video calls to virtual events, it’s the simple way to stay connected - even while working remotely.

Remote and hybrid work are here to stay.

That’s good news for everybody.


of remote workers report increased productivity


Source: Gartner, 2021


of business leaders expect to see cost savings from hybrid work


Source: Microsoft, ‘Building innovation and maintaining resilience in a hybrid world’, 2020


of business leaders say hybrid work increases employee retention


Source: Microsoft, ‘Building innovation and maintaining resilience in a hybrid world’, 2020

Why Workplace for remote and hybrid workers?

Whether your teams are working from home some of the time or all of the time, here’s three reasons why Workplace is the right choice to support them.

Because Workplace looks and feels like Facebook, it’s easy for anybody to pick up and get started with little-to-no tech support or training.

Workplace combines video calls, posts and chat in a single app, alongside an intranet, live broadcasting, integrations with other tools and much more.

Workplace looks like Facebook but it’s totally separate - that means different account details and data storage as well as enterprise-grade security.

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